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Livelihood and social security for displaced farmers

Nishant Chowdhary

When Nishant started Urban Kyari, his idea was to work with farmers in Delhi, who earlier used to cultivate vegetables at Yamuna Pushta. Over the years many farmers who had been displaced were finding it difficult to get alternative livelihoods.

With this in mind, Urban Kyari has come up with a unique rooftop farming model for urban spaces like Delhi. The idea behind this social venture is to create a low-cost urban rooftop farming model which can meaningfully contribute to providing lifetime security to farmers who are under constant threat of displacement. At the same time, through the implementation of this model, the people of Delhi get to consume high-quality organic vegetables, produced on their own rooftops.

In this social business, farmers are being seen as equal stakeholders and their active collaboration and engagement are being utilized to conceptualize the model and make it sustainable in the long run.