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Increasing the farmer’s share in the value chain

Mayank Gandhi

According to the Economic Survey 2016, the average income of a farmer's family of 5 is less than Rs 1800 a month in 17 states of India. Hence, agriculture is becoming economically unviable and farmers, especially the youth, are leaving their ancestral profession and migrating to cities for daily wage jobs.

Sanjhi Tokri aims to increase the farmer's share in the value chain to 70% in order to make agriculture economically viable for them. It engages in the capacity-building of farmers to help them sell their produce at premium prices.

Interestingly, this social business model works on a unique relationship that has been developed between farmers and customers. The customers are in direct touch with farmers, even celebrating festivals like Raksha Bandhan together.

Mayank adds, “Sanjhi Tokri currently works on a subscription model, but will very soon start retail stores in the Delhi-NCR region as well.”