Let’s think and grow together

ACIIE invites partners with an entrepreneurship dream to bring about social change to join hands with us.

We invite them to ideate, explore, research, discuss and share their thoughts and ideas with us, so that we can work together in partnership to create a more just society, including for the marginalized ones.

Whether you are an individual, social organisation or a corporation, you can bring the wealth of your ideas and expertise and join us in our endeavour to bring about social change.


Partnering with Experts

The Centre works with individuals not just as entrepreneurs but as mentors, guides, experts and change makers. Important influencers, who bring their expertise and wealth of experience to the business of jump-starting entrepreneurship for social change.

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Working Alongside
Social Organisations

At ACIIE, we also partner with non-profit, non-government organizations in their efforts to bring about social change through their activities in the fields of education, ecology, mental health, marketing and branding, sanitation and skill development. We are engaged in the corporate social responsibility activities that they might undertake and work alongside them.

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Corporates in Social Change

We are happy to state that ACIIE also works with corporations in the business of entrepreneurship for social change. We invite partners from the corporate world as investors, opportunity creators, wealth creators and as active agents of Corporate Social Responsibility. Providing projects with not just their financial assistance, but with their vision, will and determination to create social change.

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