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ACIIE identifies good business ideas, works with young, aspiring social entrepreneurs and helps transform these ideas into viable business ventures.

We work with early start-ups, whether you are a student, graduate or an individual or community. The Centre provides seed capital, mentorship and other facilities to turn your basic concepts into sustainable start-ups that are ready to attract capital.


Immersion Programs

ACIIE can help to create an awareness of how entrepreneurship can help you make a difference in these different social sectors and help generate employment as sustainable businesses. We work with you to help you explore ideas for incubation, enable you to see the possibilities and realise the potential of each as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

We conduct day workshops as well as field trips as part of our immersion programs. So share your ideas with us in the fields of education, mental health, ecology, sanitation, marketing and branding and skill development and explore their potential through immersion programs, brainstorming sessions and discussions.

Approx Duration : 1-3 days workshops & 7-10 days field trips


Preparing for Incubation

As part of our 2-3 month pre-incubation program, we offer orientation and awareness building programs that include talks, workshops and seminars on a regular basis, to build appreciation regarding successful entrepreneurial initiatives addressing social problems. Plan of future programs may be found in the Calendar of Events. These are open for all students and alumni of AUD. ACIIE also provides professional assistance on an individual basis, to the students and alumni of AUD, in building practical and viable business plans.

The Centre will shortly be offering structured training programs with the objective of building a practical knowledge base towards social entrepreneurship and providing adequate competence to start an independent venture.

Approx Duration : 2-3 Months

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Incubation of Social Start-ups

ACIIE provides incubation support to start-up ventures focused on addressing social issues through entrepreneurial initiatives.

The incubation period ranging from 12 to 18 months includes assistance of up to Rs 10 lakh and mentorship in visualizing and developing entrepreneurial projects, from the concept stage to the execution of a pilot. The support includes expert advice, training, legal services, work space, access to networks for raising venture capital and an overall environment committed to innovation.

Eligible candidates are expected to submit their proposals in a format prescribed by ACIIE. An expert panel constituted by ACIIE subsequently screens the proposals submitted and shortlisted candidates are called for making a presentation and personal discussion for further evaluation.

Approx Duration : 12-18 Months

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Eligibility Criteria for Short-listing:

  • The project is in its early stages as a start-up.
  • The subject matter of the project is such that the existing experience, expertise, research, knowledge base and resources available to AUD Incubation Centre could be optimally utilized towards providing mentorship, and other support.
  • The project location has proximity to Delhi to facilitate and mobilize the required support with minimal logistical challenges.
  • The project is not infrastructure intensive requiring only financial assistance.
  • The project allows possibility for any of our students from the existing programmes of Ambedkar University Delhi, to affiliate/attach as interns, providing field-based learning opportunities.
  • The project is in an area of education, mental health, environment, water and sanitation, marketing and branding or skill development leading to livelihood generation.

Incubation of Community Enterprise

At ACIIE, we also work with communities to help incubate their ideas and turn them into fully viable entrepreneurship ventures to bring about social change. For example, we work with resident welfare associations, co-operatives, groups of women, groups of transgenders, and several others in helping to incubate their start-up ventures. This is a 6-12 month incubation program designed to take the community's ideas into an employment generating, sustainable enterprise.

Approx Duration : 6-12 Months

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Proof of Concepts

At ACIIE, we also help you take your entrepreneurship proposal that is presently at a conceptual stage to a sound and viable venture, by assisting you through a 3 month program, in developing prototypes and even putting your project through a piloting stage in terms of costs, revenue, market acceptability etc. We provide expert mentorship, networking with related agencies and individuals as well as workshop facilities. We also provide funding of Rs. 2.5 – 3 lakhs for this purpose. So, see your social entrepreneurship ideas take shape into full-fledged businesses.

Approx Duration : 3 months


Investment for Social Enterprise

The Centre is keen to bridge investment-ready social entrepreneurship start-ups with potential funders and investors. We would welcome our incubatees as well as other start-ups for social change, to get in touch with us for further details in this regard.

ACIIE has diverse domains under its mandate, ranging from agriculture to education, healthcare, sanitation, community mobilization and other areas of social need.