Traditionally, social sector corresponds to divisions like education

Traditionally, social sector corresponds to divisions like education

Traditionally, social sector corresponds to divisions like education, health, water, sanitation, livelihood, social justice etc. that are equated with ‘merit goods’ that are socially valuable but which may not bring immediate or direct economic returns. To put it into other words, social sector lay in the vicinity of social work (charity, if you can call it that).

HOWEVER (Yes, I used all caps for I’m about to contradict big time), the term has gone under major refashioning. ‘Social Sector’ in the contemporary milieu encompasses start-ups, philanthropy, social businesses, and entrepreneurial projects. They aren’t the profitless charities anymore.

In the current day and age, our country has gone under a notable social, economic and commercial revolution. With jobs where you can work from your bed and businesses that pop out of pacts between friends, India, currently, is a hotspot for another social change. A change where you can earn while doing good, real good. On top of that, the diversity in the areas where this work can be applied to is measureless, as such fields are popping up each day and also, for innovation knows no bound (Yes, a pinch of inspiration).

If you’ve read so far, I can deduce that you are genuinely interested in going further to gain more about such projects or creating enterprises. Here you go:

The AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITY OF DELHI (Yes, all caps!) has an AUD Centre for Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIIE). The body aims at guiding, assisting, and mentoring start-ups or entrepreneurial projects in the social sector. Besides setting up new projects, they also help in refining and sizing up the existing ones. That is to say, ACIIE transforms ideas into sustainable ventures creating profitable enterprises.

Inspired and guided by Ambedkar’s philosophy, they aim at bringing about a social change (where you’ll earn too). The team comprising of social oracles and business pundits have built an ecosystem that fuels the learners with innovation and creation and helps them raise capital as well.

So explore the social sector, for the field is endless, and so are the opportunities in it.

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